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Linkages and Learning

There are greater and greater numbers of martial arts websites arising all the time. As we populate the internet more thickly, the martial arts websites are evolving quickly.

We are all witnesses to the dawning of a new phase of expansion of traditional martial arts teachings in a global direction. Unprecedented cooperation between the world's best martial artists along with the proliferation of video is serving to preserve, distribute, and evolve the teachings of the ancient masters.

Age-old wisdom and esoteric training methods are being exposed to the light of day, compared scientifically, and shared amongst avid learners world-wide.

In this location it is our goal to share some of the links which we have enjoyed surfing and to promote the attitude of openness that we all gain from sharing our learning with each other. The brotherhood of martial artists no longer needs to be secretive or jealously guard its treasures for a privileged few.

Nor does a martial arts learner have to be exclusive to one style, system, or teacher. The time is now for mixed martial arts and hybrid combat systems to flourish. And, at the same time, traditional lineages of martial arts may also be conserved, mastered, and preserved.

The modern day warrior has more options to seek out and find the techniques and training methods that suit best their own body type and inclination.

With that being said, however, there is only so much that any one fighter can learn in a given timespan.

When one discovers a discipline such as the traditional Chinese martial art of praying mantis kung fu, with its immense complexity and depth, it can inspire a lifelong devotion and dedication to the art, and yet continuously reward its practitioner.

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Praying Mantis Kung Fu Links:

(many branches of the mantis lineage, in no particular order)

"All are cousins on the path of the warrior."

"May the teachings of the mantis spread so far and wide
that they shall be learned everywhere on earth
that Ursa Major can be seen."

Praying Mantis Links

Praying mantis kung fu has spread all over the world. Start looking here.

MantisKungFu.com - Website for Jon Funk, of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. History of the art, information about the annual Tiger Balm Internationals Tournament, Forms, Videos for sale, and much more. Please visit my teacher's website.

Qi Xing Tang Lang - Praying Mantis kung fu in Australia. Sifu Brendan Tunks.

The Mantis Cave - Fernando Blanco Dopazo runs the most comprehensive Praying Mantis Lineage listing on the web. History and background in the style.

Authentic Kung Fu .com - Website based in Fort Worth, Texas. Sifu Steve Cottrell. A site for the 'warrior scholar'. Working to link up praying mantis practitioners throughout the world. Wing Chun, and T'ai Chi information, also. The Mantis Directory. Mantis Quarterly.

Master Lee Kam Wing - International Northern Seven Star Mantis Federation. Author of many respected books and an organization which is responsible for the widespread world-wide development of praying mantis kung fu.

Ilya Profatilov - Traditional Praying Mantis in Germany.Photos. Memorial site.

Master Philipman Chow - Praying Mantis in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Photos and resources.

Yantai, China, Tang Lang Chuan - English and Chinese. History, lineage, mantis kung fu information.
Wu Tang Center for Martial Arts - Tony Yang. Originally from Taiwan. Now based in Ohio, USA.

Carl A. Albright - Praying Mantis, Law Clansmen Lineage. Forms, resources, based in USA.

Tony Chuy - Praying Mantis in New York City. Resources, forms lists, photo gallery and teachings. Wong Hon Fun lineage, via Brendan Lai.

Korean Tang Lang - Plum Blossom Lineage mantis based in Seoul, Korea.

T'ai Chi Plum Blossom Praying Mantis
- Based in Hong Kong. Mostly Chinese language, with some English, old photographs.

Eight Step Preying Mantis - Shaolin lineage, American network of praying mantis schools. History, online demonstrations, T'ai Chi Chuan.

Taiji Praying Mantis - Online Forum. Many useful tidbits of information and discussions.

Six Family Praying Mantis Association - USA based, Northern Praying Mantis.

Master Hu Xilin - Six Harmonies Praying Mantis Boxing - Powerful teacher, video available. Traditional Chinese martial arts taught by a master.

Wilson Wu - Praying Mantis in Vancouver, Canada.

Si Gung Al Cheng's Videos
- Well worth the price. Videos of my Si Gung teaching various forms of the praying mantis lineage. These were developed originally for Detroit Public Television. DollarSupplier.

Wu Tan Martial Arts Association
- Ontario, Canada. Sifu John Hum. Gallery, history.

Pachi Tanglang Chuan
- International Association. Based in New York, USA. Master Su Yu-Chang.

North Bay Kung Fu - Praying Mantis in California, USA.

Polish Praying Mantis - Polskie Tang Lang. History, photos and videos. Polish language.

Traditional Mantis Boxing - Buffalo, New York. Masters, geneology, links.

Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis - Based in Florida, USA. History, photos, forum.

Sifu Derek Frearson - Lee Kam Wing lineage in the United Kingdom.

Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu - Nottingham, England. Sifu Andy Riley.

Shan Tung Mantis Association - Sifu David Graham. Nottinghamshire, England.

Sifu David Brown - Shaolin lineage Northern Praying Mantis taught in Essex, England.

World Chin Woo Men - Mantis of Kai Uwe Pel, lineage of Grand Master Bao Wen Guang.

Northern Seven Star Mantis, Brazil - Brendan Lai Gong Fu Institute.

Tang Lang, Germany - German language site.

Seven Star Mantis - Indianapolis USA. Wong Hon Fun Lineage.

European Institute of Chinese Martial Arts - (ERICMA) Patrick Cassam-Chenai's website, based in Nice, France.

Mantis Kung Fu in Red Deer Alberta, Canada.

Chiu Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis International Association - based in Hong Kong.


Other Martial Arts Sites

Viva Capoiera - Capoiera is a 450 year old Brazilian Martial Art slash dance form slash performance art slash cultural tradition. Viva Capoiera is a strong group, thriving in the heart of Canada. Highly recommended to check them out. Their site is growing rapidly with various media.

Inside Kung Fu - Inside Kung Fu has an online e-zine devoted to kung fu and martial arts. It is linked to a well-administered online forum for martial arts discussions and to an online martial arts supplier - Martial Arts Mart

Leung Ting - Leung Ting is a well respected martial artist and author of many martial arts books including on Praying Mantis Kung Fu. His home site is devoted to the art of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu.

Tat Mau Wong - Site for Grand Master Tat Mau Wong in California.

International Chinese Martial Arts Championships - martial arts circuit.

Empty Flower - Site designed by David DeVere. XingYi Chuan Database. XingYi Portal. Fantastic web presence and design.

KI Fighting Concepts - Addy and Joseph Hernandez. YouTube Site.

Eric Lee - Eric Lee is a fantastic martial artist who happens to have written scholarly works on how to use the 3 sectional staff. Highly recommended.

Adam Hsu - A martial artist and a philosopher. Excellent book on kung fu The Sword Polisher's Way.

Martial Exchanges Forum - A forum for posting videos related to weapons fighting, and martial exchanges.

Traditional Chinese Sword League - Devoted to preserving Chinese battle methods and developing modern rule sets for historical bouting.

Great River Taoist Centre - Scott M. Rodell. Taijiquan in Washington, DC.

Shaolin Institute - Kung Fu in America.

Ng Family Kung Fu - Choy Lay Fut and Ving Tsun kung fu.

Sifu Jamie Hooper - Flying Eagle Academy - Alabama.

Shaolin Gung Fu Institute - information and martial arts store.

T'ai Chi and Shuai Chiao

Shaolin Society - UK.



AllMasters.com - Source for Chinese Gong Fu.

The Infamous Martial Arts Stick Fights - watch them all.

Internal Martial Arts site - T W Chan

Jiu-Jitsu - in Vancouver, BC.


Chinese Traditional Kung Fu Magazine - This website is bilingual Chinese and English and has as part of its mandate to promote Traditional Chinese Martial Arts around the world. Their perspective is scientific, impersonal, and simultaneously historical. Lots of pictures.

Ko-do Ryu Classical Karate Association - Site of warrior scholar Nathan J. Johnson. British author of the book Barefoot Zen - The Shaolin Roots of Kung Fu and Karate

This site has information about Chinese swords.

The Sword Buyer's Guide

Cataran Society

Martial Arts Club Directory A linking site with information about martial arts and associations.

chineselongsword.com: Singapore-based site, researching and reviving Chinese traditional battlefield swordsmanship. Translating traditional manuals. Warrior-scholar site with blog and vids posted.

Zen Warrior Armory - SCA historical reenactment. Armor and weapons for sale. Good helmets for weapons fighting.


Mixed Martial Arts Sites


UFC - MMA organization with worldwide recognition. Home of the Octagon.

Ulitmate Fighter - on Spike TV. Reality show for up-and-coming MMA fighters.

George "Rush" St. Pierre - Home site of GSP, top fighter at 170 lbs. A gentleman fighter and an honourable warrior. Go Canada!

Anderson "Spider" Silva - Official site for Anderson Silva. Feared Brazillian fighter.

BJ Penn.com - Home of BJ Penn.

Forrest Griffin - Official site for Forrest.

MMA Junkie - News, articles, and information for MMA junkies.


MMA Rankings - Find the top MMA rankings, from pound for pound lists to UFC weight division rankings online at ProFighting-fans.com. Featuring MMA rankings from across the sport with frequent updates and honest, professional research on all of our MMA rating lists.



Martial Arts Stores and Supplies

Kuen Way - Vancouver-based company. I have purchased many high-quality Chinese-imported weapons from them in the past.

Martial Arts Mart

Mantis Swords

ActionFlex - very good supplier of safe padded weapons for training.

GungFu.com - Martial Arts supply and resources.


Jake Powning - Canadian Swordsmith.

SofStx - good source for selected padded weapons

Kris Cutlery

Hanwei Forge - Swords, knives, collectibles.

Cold Steel

TSZ Martial Arts Supply

Martial Arts Depot (Ontario, Canada)

Jonie Uniforms (California based) Uniforms and Lions

Kult of Athena - Fantastic Site. Source for cultural weapons.

Raven - Source for wooden weapons

More wooden weapons

Full Contact Sports

Gorilla Gear


Jump to Insect Links


Praying Mantis Insect Links:

insect links

Praying Mantis Insect-Related Links:

a few pages of relevance to the praying mantis insect in no particular order:

biocontrol network - a reputable company from which I have purchased mantids in the past

earthlink - praying mantis taxonomy. It seems pretty complete. It lists the complete checklist of praying mantis genera and includes type, species, and synonyms as well as the name of the discoverer and the date in which the species was discovered! Fun reading if you're an entomologist.

tree of life - web project with classification and cartoons of mantodoea

AES Bugclub - info on insects including mantids
bugguide.net - check out this great site for bug-lovers! Some praying mantis pictures and information can be found here.

mantisUK.com - a good site with pictures and ability to order mantids and oothecae
insecta inspecta - some mantis information

Mantis Study Group - aimed as a resource for people studying the insect. Some nice bibliographic references and links to scientific articles. Photos, taxonomy, forum, links.

thePrayingMantis.org - Fascinating facts on the mantis insect, life cycle, and more. Enthusiast site with some pictures and video links.

Beneficial Insect Company - mantid eggsacs for sale
Arizona Edu - mantis information and rearing information
mantis mike's webpage - praying mantis ootheca web-log. Incomplete, but there, nonetheless.

masked flower images - some mantis pictures for sale
All God's Creatures - many mantis pictures, thumbnail gallery

National Geographic - Online article about how praying mantids employ aerial techniques to avoid bat attacks. Fascinating research on the mantid's ultrasonic ear.


Orkin Virtual Roach - Pest Company Orkin has created a fully interactive "Virtual Roach" as an insect education tool.

God of Insects - An interesting commercialized site that promotes insects in a different way. Lots of pictures.








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