Finite Insight Technologies (FIT)

We are a small company, currently located in the geographic centre of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was started in November of 2001, and has grown at a modestly finite pace since then. It is composed of a unity of dependable persons whose mandate is to provide:

  • highly effective,
  • dynamic,
  • rapidly-deployable,
  • low-cost web development, and
  • technological services.

This includes:

  • the writing,
  • production,
  • creation,
  • direction, and
  • realization of content and its delivery via the web
  • as well as print media.

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We especially enjoy creating FLASH elements to enhance the web experience and to draw new viewers.

When you call upon Finite Insight Technologies you can be assured of fast, efficient, friendly web design completed to your specifications on budget and under time.


Graphic Design for the Web
Simple. Creative. Web Design.
Multimedia interactive photo albums, video clips, games, puzzles.
Presentation Conversions. Newsletters. Discussion Forum Administration.
Business Card websites. Academic Sites. Medically Related Sites.
Artist Exposure.Portfolio Adjustments.

Interface Modifications for existing webspaces

We would be happy to consult with you about possible new directions you would like to pursue in terms of your existing webspace.

Expand, develop, evolve.
Continuously customize your site to your target audience.
Please talk to us and find out more.

Flash Animations

Unique new forms of interactive and expressive communications to be produced which require very little bandwidth consumption.


In our company, disparate areas of interest are fused with various skills into a conflagration that acts as a force of creationism and provides exciting new directions in the rapidly evolving online multiverse.

Since our inception we have been evolving steadily, learning, adapting, and moving toward a finite future.

Why not Infinite Insight?

Are you interested in unique design ideas, creative online solutions, provided on an adaptable fee scale?

Do you have a project waiting to be realized?

Contact us and let's get started!


"Nothing Infinite Promised.

Everything Finite Realized."



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